There are a lot of web development companies out there. It can be hard to tell them apart, much less decide which one will be right for you. We want to let you know what makes us different.

First of all, we’ve been around for awhile, at least in Internet time. Liz has been working online since 1994 and created her first commercial web sites in 1995. The success of those sites quickly led to others and Maher Consulting & Design was formed in January of 1996 to help businesses, government and non-profit organizations meet their goals in this new place, the Internet.

We begin work with our clients knowing that no two organizations are the same. What one business may want to accomplish is most often completely different from what another business, non-profit organization, or government entity wants to accomplish. We believe no two web sites should be the same, so you won’t see any “cookie cutter” web site packages offered here. We think we should fit into your plans, you shouldn’t be forced into ours.

We develop web presences that are tailored to your organization’s needs because we want to be sure that the job is done right the first time. We begin by looking at what you want to accomplish from the start – if you aren’t sure, we’ll share all of our experience with you, but we don’t begin work until we have agreed on specific, measurable goals for your site. Then we apply all of our expertise and experience to the task of creating the presence to meet those goals.

Our approach is simple: we talk with you, often several times, to determine what your goals are and to help you refine them if necessary. We know you know your business; we know the web. We work as a team, bringing our Internet, technical and design expertise together with your resources to create the most effective Internet presence for your organization.