3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar - Negril, Jamaica
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3 Dives Location

3 Dives is located on the cliffs, or west end, of Negril, on the sea side of the road (called the Cliff Road, the Lighthouse Road or the West End Road depending who you ask and where you are...but there's only one road) that runs about 4 miles from downtown Negril out to the Negril Lighthouse (the westernmost point in Jamaica). It is directly south of the Xtabi hotel, if your cab driver doesn't know it. A cab ride from the beach should be 5-10 minutes. Need to make contact? Call Lydie at 876-782-9990 or 876-344-6850.

The Negril Map Project has a great street/beach/cliffs map of Negril available - it's ideal to print out and bring with you to Negril!

Map of Negril
West End
Map of 3 DIves in Negril

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